A Word From the Owner

When you get your automobile serviced at Sunset Car Wash you’re getting more than just a cleaning; you’re getting a vehicular rejuvenation. You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that a business with over 30 years of experience is making your ride look the best it can. And with new improvements on the way you can rest assure that the facility & the folks who assist you are there for only one reason: to make your vehicle look as perfectly as possible.

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A Little More About Sunset Car Wash
Why go anywhere other than Sunset Car Wash? Because history is on our side.

A business that’s been around for over 30 years must have been doing something right. And it always starts & ends with its customers. Our customers keep coming back for a multitude of reasons: perhaps it’s the great location, the friendly staff or the reasonable prices. Perhaps it’s the selection of detailing options, the availability of shops & dining nearby or just maybe even the familiarity of it all. But ultimately it’s a fact every customer comes back for only one thing: the quality of service. A business doesn’t get to stay around long in Los Angeles if it provides an inferior product. We at Sunset Car Wash know our product: it’s vehicles. And every vehicle is treated absolutely the best no matter whose it is whether a famous face with a flashy set of wheels or a regular Joe with a late model vehicle.

And the scary part for our competition is that we’re getting even better; new check in service, more wash package options, an improved customer service program, complimentary morning coffee, free WiFi as well as a ton of other things that will make your experience with us the best it can be. But don’t take our word for it; take our work for it & see how great your vehicle looks when we’re done servicing it.